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House in Guinea Bissau

Native and Pioneering Culture

At Dearing Country Farm's Pioneer and Sustainability AgriLearning Center we celebrate our ancestor's way of life and their sustainable ways.  We hope to educate others on the technologies they created and used to prolong their culture and to improve their culture.

Our Common Ancestors

Many of us have studied our past through family trees and pictures of the past.  But most have probably not looked at their genetic paths that stem into indigenous cultures and those ancestors way of life too extensively. If you were fortunate enough to have talked to parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles about "the way things were", then you may have a glimpse into that more recent history, say 50-80 years ago. A real historical treasure would be to have video or audio footage of an elder family member telling stories or lore from their past.       

kids 50s chicks.jpg
horse plow1.jpg
kids chicken 50s.jpg
1930 ford.jpg

Turn of the century... what were your great grandparents up to at that time?

1890 woodstove.jpg
1900 textiles factory.jpg

But lets go back further, say 100 Years Ago.

rural 1900.jpg

How about 200 years ago?

1850 kitchen.jpg
1800 logcabin.jpg
spinning wheel colonies.jpg
native canoe1.jpg

How about 300 years ago or more?

If we trace our ancestry back far enough some of our roots will likely lead to indigenous peoples.  How did they survive?  What were some of their technologies that kept them alive and to prosper? What did they do for fun?

native flintknap.jpg

There are some organizations that help us remember and assist in keeping the history and legacy of our ancestors alive.

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