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Pioneer & Sustainability AgriLearning

Blue Flowers

Welcome to a new way of Learning!

Here at the AgriLearning Center, we focus on sustainability and have developed these principles to help guide our mission:

- Have faith in something greater than yourself

- Historic knowledge appreciation and skill acquisition

- Sustainable and Regenerative Farming Practices

- Responsibility and respect for wildlife habitat and nature conservancy

- Humane and respectful animal husbandry

- Alternative and renewable energy exploration through off-grid and no-grid projects and experiences

- Bio-diversity and ecological awareness through green and lower carbon strategies

​- Wellness and Self-Healing Awareness/Holistic thinking

- Homesteading and Independent Living/DIY philosophy

- Value veterans and seniors through volunteer and work opportunities

- Importance of youth outreach and mentoring

- Disaster & Emergency Preparedness

Farm Field

What is the AgriLearning Center?

The AgriLearning Center is a place to gain knowledge, experience and a better understanding of a wide array of topics, to better oneself and improve the world around us.

Classes - Workshops - Tours - Markets - Immersive Learning Opportunities - and More

Veteran's, Seniors and Youth Outreach Programs


Everything We’ve Got Planned

Garden Shed

We offer a wide array of hands-on and immersive learning opportunities for all ages.  From Primitive Survival to Alternative Energy, The Pioneer and Sustainability AgriLearning Center has a course for you.  Courses are offered year round and are typically 4 hours in length.  If a course is full, contact us and we may arrange for another course offering.

Pioneer Ways - Sustainable & Regenerative Ag
Youth Series Workshops - DIY - Health/Wellness
Alternative Energy - Culture & Cuisine
Disaster Preparedness - Primitive Survival


On - Farm Market

Wednesdays 4-6 pm

Our farm stand will be open from 4-6 every Wednesday April through October. Come see us for the best and freshest meat, eggs, produce, melons and berries. Grown naturally without chemicals!

Fresh Organic Vegetables
Sunset Over Forest

Growth with Immersive Learning

On-Site Learning Venues

- AgriLearning Center w/hands-on workshops

- Knowledge and Skills Library

- Gardens w/ Hightunnel

- Orchards

- Livestock Area & Pastures

- Nature Trails & Prairie Restoration

- Reforestation and Wildlife Enhancement Project

- Apiary

- Outdoor Classroom

- Primitive Shelter (Summer 2024)

- Indigenous Cultures Area (Summer 2024)

- Pioneer Village (Summer 2024/25)


Veteran Memorial Service

- Veterans Meetups

- Seniors Visits and Workshops

- Youth classes

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